Gallery Honeysuckle Feather Filled Cushion

Beautiful classic Morris Gallery Honeysuckle 100% cotton feather filled Cushion
Gallery Honeysuckle Feather Filled Cushion

Beautiful classic Morris Gallery honeysuckle 100% cotton, feather filled cushion with zip. This stunning cushion is filled with a 18" duck feather pad and measures approximately 43x43cm.

The Morris Gallery Collection has been created under the watchful eye and newly licensed by The William Morris Gallery. We are proud to bring you a collection of 3 designs that have been produced to be closer to the orginal design. They are crisper detail, richer colour and have been adjusted to scale to ensure that they are as fresh and appealing as they were 120 years ago when they were first created.

Why not complete your Morris Gallery collection with other home textiles we stock such as curtains, tablecloths and kitchen Co-ordinates.

William Morris is possibly known best for being heavily involved in the Arts and Crafts design movement in the 1860's which was very popular at the end of the 19th century in Britain, Australia, Canada and the USA. He was a poet, artist, designer, writer and an early advocate of socialism in Britain

William Morris' designs are still very popular today and are produced widely as home textiles, gifts and wallpapers.

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Code GA97/CP18